søndag den 5. december 2010

Suspicious types seen incognito at different restaurants

It is definitely not the Michelin Guide, but wanted terroirists who more or less untyringly present themselves using various aliases as Pirelli & Firestone, Continental & Goodyear, l'Oelf et l'André, Al et al. The two wanted men may both have very winesome caracters and have apparently been seen wearing cork jackets and greasy wine glasses but local carawineiri fear they may be extremely corky in a dangerous sort of way. So if you happen to run across them, do not even think about seeing it as a wine-wine situation, but simply call Scotland Farmyard or Vintnerpol immediately.

A third suspect who is possibly closely connected to the Tyresome Two is known to have strong connections to a radical terroirist cell in Troyes known as Al Crieurs. Apparently here, they are known for throwing sulphurless bombs at winnocent bypassers.

ADVARSEL: suspekte typer set inkognito på diverse restauranter

Michelinguiden er der ikke tale om, men om ud- og eftersøgte terroirister, som optræder under DÆKnavne som Pirelli & Firestone, Continental & Goodyear, l'Oelf et l'André, Svin & Saturne, Al et al.

De to ud- og eftersøgte formodes bevæbnet med proptrækker og løstsiddende champagnepropper. Caravinieri regner dem som særdeles farlige. Man skal ikke selv forsøge at pågribe de to terroirister, men blot kontakte den nærmeste Polyvinstation.